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Federal Gold Coin to Be Listed on Three Major Exchanges and Commence Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Federal Gold Coin, a groundbreaking digital asset linked to physical gold, is thrilled to announce its upcoming listings on three prominent cryptocurrency exchanges: P2B, Coinstore, and Azbit. In addition to these exciting listings, Federal Gold Coin is set to initiate its highly anticipated Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in the near future.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 25th Sep 2023, King NewsWireFederal Gold Coin represents a significant advancement in the cryptocurrency landscape, offering a unique bridge between the digital and physical worlds by anchoring its value to the timeless and universally recognized asset—gold.

1. Three Exchange Listings: Federal Gold Coin will soon be accessible to a broader audience through its listings on P2B, Coinstore, and Azbit. These exchanges were chosen for their strong reputation, global reach, and commitment to fostering innovation within the crypto space.

2. Initial Exchange Offering (IEO): The Federal Gold Coin IEO is on the horizon, promising an opportunity for both crypto enthusiasts and institutional investors to participate in this groundbreaking project. Stay tuned for further details on the IEO launch date and participation guidelines.

3. Combining Gold and Crypto: Federal Gold Coin is pioneering a new era of digital assets backed by tangible value. Each token represents a specific quantity of physical gold, offering investors the security and stability of a precious metal while benefiting from the flexibility of cryptocurrency.

4. Trusted Team and Technology: The Federal Gold Coin team is composed of industry experts with a proven track record in both the precious metals and blockchain sectors. Our cutting-edge technology ensures the integrity and security of every transaction.

5. Regulatory Compliance: We take regulatory compliance seriously. Federal Gold Coin operates within the bounds of relevant laws and regulations, ensuring a safe and transparent investment environment.


CEO of Federal Gold Coin, commented, “We are excited to bring Federal Gold Coin to these esteemed exchanges and provide a secure and innovative means for investors to access the timeless value of gold within the digital realm.”

CTO of Federal Gold Coin, added, “Our mission is to offer a seamless and secure bridge between the traditional and digital asset worlds, and these listings and our upcoming IEO are crucial steps towards achieving that goal.”

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