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Champagne Wishes & Penthouse Dreams: Live the High Life at 10225 Collins Ave

This Bal Harbour condo is not for the faint of heart! It’s described as a luxurious, rockstar-worthy escape with breathtaking ocean views, infinity pool, multiple kitchens, private elevators, and access to the best of Bal Harbour’s nightlife and beaches. It’s more than just a home, it’s a lifestyle for the bold and adventurous, complete with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking to ditch the beige and embrace unapologetic luxury, this condo might be your siren song. But be prepared to leave your 9-to-5 and avocado toast behind!

Parkland, FL, United States, 9th Feb 2024 – Buckle up, sugar, because we’re ditching the beige wood look vibes and injecting some serious swagger into this condo pitch. This isn’t your grandma’s Bal Harbour Condo – it’s a siren song for the bold, the beachy, and the unapologetically luxurious. So crack open a bottle of Don Julio and let’s dive into the ocean of hedonism that is 10225 Collins Ave, and prepare for fireworks.

Imagine waking up with the Atlantic whispering secrets into your ear, your million-dollar view reflecting off the gold-plated coffee pot bubbling beside you. Forget cookie-cutter condos, this triple-unit masterpiece is a symphony of glass, steel, and enough square footage to stage a private Coachella (minus the Porta-Potties, thank God). Think 10 bedrooms fit for rockstars, nine bathrooms dripping in imported marble, and an infinity pool so long it rivals your list of exes. You’ll be living the high life, literally, with 2 kitchens and 3 private elevators whisking you between floors like a modern-day Gatsby.

Champagne Wishes & Penthouse Dreams: Live the High Life at 10225 Collins Ave

But forget the gated-community snoozefest – Bal Harbour’s your playground, kiddo. Michelin-starred feasts at Le Jardinier tonight, dancing on tables at Makoto until sunrise tomorrow. Need a retail fix? Bal Harbour Shops are Chanel’s answer to Disneyworld – your credit card might cry, but your inner fashionista will sing. And that beach, baby, that beach! Haulover’s Beach sands are your private runway, Bal Harbour Beach your VIP lounge. Paddleboard with dolphins, jet ski the adrenaline out, then collapse on the shore with a margarita the size of your head.

Synagogues? Sure, there’s a few nearby if you need to cleanse your soul after last night’s debauchery. But honestly, your spiritual awakening will probably happen watching the sun melt into the ocean from your private wrap-around-balcony, a salty breeze whispering absolution. This isn’t just a condo, it’s a portal to a life without limits, where every day is a champagne-soaked adventure.

Champagne Wishes & Penthouse Dreams: Live the High Life at 10225 Collins Ave

So, ditch the avocado toast and the 9-to-5 grind. This ain’t no starter apartment, it’s the VIP section of life. 10225 Collins Ave isn’t just an address, it’s a declaration. It’s saying, “I play by my own rules, I live life on the edge, and I sip Dom Perignon for breakfast.” Are you ready to join the party? This isn’t just an investment, it’s an invitation to break free and rewrite the rules of luxury. Step inside, darling, and let the ocean roar your victory song.

Price per square foot? Who cares? When you’re living like a rockstar, the only numbers that matter are the ones on your bank account (and maybe your yacht’s speed). This Condo is a one-way ticket to paradise, and trust me, the view is worth every penny.

Champagne Wishes & Penthouse Dreams: Live the High Life at 10225 Collins Ave


For more information on the condo unit email or call Leah and Alex Sajovits of Douglas Elliman :   C: 754-484-0005


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